Advantages of Mobile Marketing and How to Use It in Your Company

Advantages of Mobile Marketing and How to Use It in Your Company

The advantages of mobile marketing are highly significant today, as the vast majority of people spend many hours on their cell phones, whether working, studying, browsing their social networks, or for entertainment purposes.

According to statistics, people use their cell phones more than laptops or other devices, making optimizing your business for mobile marketing essential if you aim to reach your maximum sales potential this year. Discover how!

Importance of Mobile Marketing

What’s the first thing you reach for after waking up? Most likely, it’s your cell phone, whether to check for emails, calls, messages, or simply to catch up on the day’s news.

Likewise, your cell phone might be the last thing you see at night, setting your alarm or scrolling through your friends’ or family’s stories.

This demonstrates that you’re not alone; many people are glued to their phones throughout the day, leading many companies to implement strategies to grow in mobile marketing for these reasons.

Numerous websites are adapting for better mobile visibility, and many apps are simplifying purchases or product checks. Have you had any experiences with such companies? Examples include Mercado Libre or Amazon.

How to Apply Mobile Marketing in Your Company

There are many ways to start implementing mobile marketing in your company, but the simplest ones include:

If you own a restaurant, shoe or clothing store, or your service includes delivery, you can undoubtedly use apps. Currently, there are many apps that can help you attract more customers and position yourself better.

Facebook Ads

You likely have a Facebook account where you connect with friends and family. Many people spend a considerable amount of time on this social network. You can capitalize on this by using ads to promote your product or service.

Instagram Ads

You’re probably familiar with Instagram, a platform that once rivaled Facebook and ended up being acquired by Mark Zuckerberg. You can similarly use ads to advertise your business, product, or service with just a few steps and achieve excellent results.

X Ads

Formerly Twitter Ads, it offers advertising options to highlight your posts and reach the right users (those selected based on their interests/likes to view your post).

TikTok For Business

Another major social media platform where you can share short videos that summarize what your store or business offers. You can pay to be among the top results for as long as you desire, which is highly useful for gaining quick visibility.

5 Reasons to Implement Mobile Marketing

Still unsure why you should implement mobile marketing in your business?

  1. Most people use their phones throughout the day, whether for navigation on Google Maps, staying updated on news, sharing their daily life on social media, seeking product and service recommendations, online shopping, or using a delivery service – everything that makes a good business!
  2. According to statistics, 48% of people who start researching choose their mobile phone as their first device (and this figure is growing every year).
  3. Approximately 88% of people searching for a specific service or restaurant on Google Maps visit it within about 24 hours.
  4. Opening emails via mobile has increased by 180 percent in recent years. Optimize your emails to look good on mobile devices.
  5. 40% of phone users’ searches are resolved by local businesses.

Moreover, advertisements on social media platforms are less expensive than plastering the entire city with your product or service. This is especially true if you have a good strategy and connect well with where, when, and to whom the campaign should be targeted.

Ideas to Implement Mobile Marketing

There are many ways to use mobile marketing today, and you’ve probably experienced most of them:

SMS Messages

Yes, some still use them, but less frequently. They’re immediate, with a high likelihood of being opened (98% more than emails).

Email Marketing

You can create newsletters or monthly/weekly emails to keep your customers updated on promotions, services, and products.

Mobile Shopping

Investing in making your customers’ purchase process easier through mobile is always a good idea. If you promote purchases from mobile devices, it becomes easier and less cumbersome for the customer.

Social Media

Since most people spend their free time on social media, why not take advantage of it to promote your services, highlight your best products, or demonstrate how they can be useful?


Considering statistics from Forbes magazine, 60% of users are watching videos via mobile, making it the best way to create content currently (focused on mobile devices).

Multichannel Actions

Don’t just focus on mobile devices, but consider them and don’t ignore or exclude them from your marketing strategy.

Two Examples of Mobile Marketing

Looking for examples of mobile marketing? Here are some excellent ones that might give you a clearer idea of how to apply them to your business successfully.

Google Maps

This frames and decorations company sends a Google Maps link once a sale is completed, allowing customers to share their experience.

This greatly benefits the brand as it positions itself among the best in its sector, automatically recommended by Google’s algorithm, which also does the same for its website.

Farmatodo and Apps

This is a well-known company in Venezuela for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They harness the potential of web applications to send discounts, promotions, and occasional free deliveries to app users.

They also notify users when an item of potential interest is on sale that week. They offer options to add to the cart and geolocation-based delivery, making it easier to find the nearest Farmatodo. It’s a success!

Undoubtedly, the advantages of mobile marketing are essential for success in marketing. Capitalize on them with all these tips!

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