Best Email Marketing Examples

Best Email Marketing Examples

Email marketing has positioned itself as one of the most used resources by companies, to the extent that marketing specialists claim it to be the most effective channel in terms of ROI.

Currently, emails hold great power, especially those with compelling content aiming to captivate their readers. Every day, people’s inboxes fill with emails from companies inviting them to try out products, discover novelties, among other topics.

Samsung, a design that highlights the product

Samsung boasts about its greatest novelties and innovations. And why wouldn’t they? They have sleek and elegant designs that highlight the characteristics of each of their products, encouraging users to learn more about their products, trends, what’s in fashion, and ultimately, to make a purchase.

Why does this email marketing work?

This email offers customers elegant designs, with very clear photographs that make the product attractive, thanks to the intelligent use of white space. Furthermore, it utilizes the strategy of offering discounts for purchase, an irresistible message for any technology enthusiast.

PayPal reminds you of pending benefits

Email marketing campaigns also serve as reminders for users, providing relevant information. In this case, PayPal, the online payment company, informs active account holders that it’s necessary to add banking information to start enjoying the benefits of the application.

Why does this email marketing work?

This brand also uses personalization in email. It delivers a simple message accompanied by corporate colors and, in three simple steps, shows the user how to set up an account.

Kichink, whets consumers’ appetite

Weekly, they share the newest products from their catalog, with the idea that users will find something of their preference and take advantage of the discounts or free shipping offered.

Why does this email marketing work?

The structure of this email marketing is divided according to what interests consumers the most (everything they can find for free and the day’s discounts), making it more tempting to purchase one of the offered products. Each product is specified with its price and offer, a significant detail for online shopping enthusiasts who greatly value this information, aiding them in making quicker decisions.

Guitar Gear, explains everything about the suggested purchase

This is one of the largest international guitar stores, and they also have an incredible taste in their mailing campaigns. How does it work? They inform their contacts that the Fender guitar brand will have discounts for a few days, an enticing opportunity not to be missed.

Why does this email marketing work?

They provide a comprehensive email showcasing promotions, payment methods, purchase facilities, and a buying complement. Additionally, there’s a video displaying the sound achievable by acquiring a Fender. Incredible images are shown without the need for excessive text.

Waze Carpool knows how to welcome new registrants

Waze’s email marketing provides new users with all they need to know to use the application through their first email. It also allows them to access the application from the same document to start the experience more seamlessly.

Why does this email marketing work?

Waze Carpool gives a pleasant welcome to its application. If the user is unfamiliar with its workings, this email provides easy mastery. It contains a nice message demonstrating how easy it is to share your trips with friends, family, or colleagues.

GoDaddy gives you an offer you can’t refuse

Email marketing is an excellent way to inform your contacts that you’re about to hold an event. Here, GoDaddy informs its users that they will host a webinar on a topic of their choice.

Why does this email marketing work?

It’s straightforward and easy to understand. Right from the start, you know the topic, it provides text explaining why you should take the course, what you’ll learn, who the speaker will be, and, of course, a button redirecting you directly to not miss the opportunity to reserve a spot.

Shutterstock adds urgency to its promotions

For instance, Shutterstock tells you that you have only 24 hours to download free images from their catalog. You wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity. This way, they leverage some pressure for customers to acquire what their services offer. A good strategy, isn’t it?

Why does this email marketing work?

Their email marketing is very attractive and hard to resist. With a simple message and a captivating image of melting ice creams, they refer to the limited time to take advantage of their promotions, making this email more suggestive.

Amazon selects products according to a special date

Amazon knows its job well, and that is to sell. This example goes beyond merely searching in the best-selling selection. During holidays, they take the opportunity to showcase related items and drive sales.

Why does this email marketing work?

The work behind this email has many details, from the contained information to the illustrations. It’s not just a simple email wanting to sell for the sake of selling; it includes a positive message aiming to boost the businesses of entrepreneurial people. Additionally, it includes a note at the end, calling on other interested individuals to open a business on Amazon.

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