Top Digital Marketing Tools

Top Digital Marketing Tools

If you want your company to grow, it’s essential to be aware of the new digital marketing tools available on the internet that can help manage customer relationships. Additionally, there are other options including design tools or keyword trackers that can simplify your work.

Now, we’ll show you a top list of digital marketing tools that will help enhance your work as a professional:

  • Marketing Hub
  • CMS Hub + Free Hosting from HubSpot
  • CloudApp
  • Pixabay
  • Ahrefs
  • Proof

Marketing Hub

It offers pricing with free versions, starting from $45 per month, and is available in Spanish.

It has multiple tools that can aid in growing your business. This platform enables increased website traffic, lead conversion, and optimization of your marketing campaign’s ROI.

What is Marketing Hub used for?

Marketing Hub is part of the HubSpot platform and is an automation marketing solution. It helps companies create and run campaigns, monitors customer behavior, segments customers, personalizes content, and measures performance.

CMS Hub + Free Hosting from HubSpot

It offers pricing with free versions and plans starting from $23 per month, available in Spanish.

Its function is to provide content management services and free hosting, enabling easy website creation without requiring prior knowledge. Simply choose a template and select the elements you want. From there, you can establish your digital presence and attract customers.

What is CMS Hub + Free Hosting from HubSpot used for?

Combined with its free Hosting, it allows solutions for web content management, enabling users to create and edit websites easily with an intuitive interface and varied, flexible design tool options.

It simplifies managing your online presence, guarantees precise performance, and offers benefits in terms of security and speed, saving time and resources, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality content and lead generation—essential elements in the top digital marketing tools.


It offers free versions and plans starting from $9.95 per month, available in English.

It serves as a cloud alternative for any type of company. CloudApp is a program that allows you to record your computer monitor’s screen and share the video with others through a link.

What is CloudApp used for?

It enables users to efficiently capture and share information. You can create quick screen captures, recordings, animated GIFs, and annotations on images to convey ideas within the team.

CloudApp is highly useful in remote and collaborative work environments, streamlining communication and information exchange in a simpler and visual manner, enhancing team productivity and understanding.

In this top list of digital marketing tools, you can also find available free versions, which is advantageous when starting a business with limited budget:


Free version available, offered in Spanish.

Pixabay allows searches for photos, images, illustrations, videos, and more.

Simply enter keywords related to what you have in mind in the search bar, and thousands of options will appear. To download high-resolution images, registration with an email is required.

What is Pixabay used for?

As an online platform, it provides access to a vast library of images, videos, illustrations, and music for personal or commercial projects.

Pixabay helps enhance the attractiveness of websites, blogs, presentations, and advertising by enabling users to find and download visually appealing content without worrying about copyright issues.


It has plans starting from $99 per month and is available in English.

Ahrefs is a highly comprehensive tool in the SEO world that will help increase your website traffic. It contains information on over 2 billion keywords from up to 171 different countries.

It conducts an analysis that allows you to know who is leading the lists, which pages have the highest flow, and which features are most requested by customers. You can also see on which platforms your content stands out and identify its primary weaknesses to improve and become more competitive.

What is Ahrefs used for?

It assists users in researching the visibility and quality of backlinks, conducting keyword analysis, searching for positions in search engines, and exploring the performance of competitors.


Offers plans starting from $97 per month, available in English.

Proof conducts social proof tests to increase site traffic. It implements social proof messaging, for example: “15 people are viewing this post right now.” Visitor count and notifications can enhance positive perception of your brand among customers.

What is Proof used for?

It boosts visitor trust in your website by showing real-time notifications of other users’ activity like recent purchases, registrations, or interactions on the page.

These real-time notifications act as social proofs, highlighting positive activity from previous visitors, motivating new ones to make a purchase or subscribe. This functionality is useful, which is why it’s included in this top list of digital marketing tools.

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